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JAVGuru TheCamDude Edition Review

JAVGuru has a ton of videos that you can stream or download for free. Nothing is hosted on the site, so you’ll have to pull them down from third party links. It’s not a big deal, but you’ll have to make sure you don’t click on their ads instead of the actual download buttons. The girls are all gorgeous and from Japan. They have an English subsection for the movies that have plots attached to them. Pretty much everything you find here is full length and high quality. You’ll never run out of videos because they have a lot of them.
The For Women category is something that you don’t come across very often when it comes to Asian porn. The Japanese Porn makes JAVGuru unique and a real destination for women. It can also be used by couples to watch together. The action is more erotic and focuses on the woman’s point of view. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t get dirty, though. You can still see all of the nasty action you expect from Japanese porn. It’s just coming from the other angle. If you’re curious about what it’s like on the other side of the fence, or just a woman who likes Asian porn, this is the site for you.
JAV Guru runs really well. The videos play pretty much immediately. You can use the tag system to find videos that match what you’re into. You can also visit the profile pages for the girls. You won’t be able to follow them, though. If you want to keep up with JAVGuru’s new videos, you’ll have to keep finding them and checking them out. They have their own section, so it’s not as difficult or as time-consuming as it sounds. There’s also comments and a rating section for every video for you check out.

Stream or download anything you want for free
For Women category is a very rare find in Asian porn
Lots of uncensored videos

Downloads are from third party sites
Can’t follow or rate favorite girls
Difficult to browse by category

JAVGuru is a site that you’re going to want to check out. They have a ton of full-length videos and they can all be streamed or downloaded. It works on both your computer and your mobile device. The Women category is filled with porn for the girls to enjoy. It’s all tailored to them and gets the job done. It’s also great for couples to watch together. You can look at the page for any girl that you like and see everything that she’s been in. If you’re looking for a unique site for your Asian porn, then this is it.

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