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TheCamDude Reviews MyLust

MyLust brings you amateur and homemade porn from all over the world. Anyone with a camera and an internet connection can record themselves fucking so you can enjoy it at home. It doesn’t matter what kind of man or woman you’re into. You’ll be able to see an Indian girl get penetrated, a Muslim man take his girlfriend’s virginity or the girl next door go to town on herself when she’s alone and horny. You can search by any country on the planet and see what they have to offer. There’s also a “Domestic” section on MyLust.com that will bring you to all of the content from your home country. If you want to see if the grass is really greener on the other side of the fence, you simply choose a new country from the drop-down menu. That will let you see how your fellow humans on the other side of the globe handle their private fucking affairs.
If you want the real deal on My Lust, you can check out the Private category. These are videos that were never meant to see the light of day. They were recorded by boyfriends fucking their girlfriends, or fucking themselves to keep their lovers satisfied while they were away. The entire concept was that the videos should only be seen by the couples. That was only until someone decided that they shouldn’t be kept away from the public at large. It’s the most intimate and hardcore action that you can get without sneaking into someone’s room at night. All of the sex is relaxed and natural because it was never done to please someone else.
The quality of the voyeur videos on MyLust is all over the map. Some of the videos are old and grainy while others are brand new and high definition. You’ll be able to see an accurate thumbnail for each one, though. It will tell you whether or not you can watch it without getting a migraine.

MyLust videos are free to watch
It’s real amateur content
Private category is unique and authentic

Tons of ads to deal with
Vast quality differences
No downloads on My Lust

MyLust is filled with real amateur videos from all over the world. You can search by country to find the ones you’re really in the mood to see. The Private category brings you real, personal videos that were never meant to be shared. It just doesn’t get any more amateur than that. The vast majority of videos are free to watch, but it’s always up to the uploader. You’ll need an account to see some of the stuff. There are ads to contend with, but that’s to be expected from a free site. All in all, it’s a great site to check out. You can really tell that you’re seeing everyday people fucking for their own pleasure.